5 Italian delights

The Italian gastronomy is one of the most delicious and complete in the world, that’s why it’s expansion in the international restaurants has been unstoppable. But, which have been the most important saucers of the Italian cuisine? There are great the delights that we can find in Italy, but in this opportunity we you will mention five of the most relevant saucers and that undoubtedly you must try it once in your life.

Bolognese Lasaña 

To mixing between grazes, meat and tomato they give like proved the delicious saucer of lasaña there bolognese, icon of the Italian cuisine.

Pizza Margarita

Classic, popular and the most delicious of the pizzas of Italy. Undoubtedly an indispensable saucer in the Italian cuisine, with much cheese and sauce of tomato.

Uova al Pomodoro

A typical and simple recipe of Italy? Undoubtedly they would be the eggs embezzled in sauce ragú, a delight that it takes pleasure to the most demanding palates.

The classic Tiramisú

This list would not be complete without a delicious Italian dessert as the tiramisú, the definitive proof that in Italy the salty thing is so important as the sweet thing. This saucer consists for sheets of sponge cake steeped in coffee with liquor, cream, soft cheese, sugar, cocoa in powder, coffee and sugar glass.

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