3 reasons why you should go to Florence

1- Street art

In Florence, art truly is everywhere!

Keep your eyes peeled for traffic sign street art from Clet Abraham, whose studio, fittingly enough, is in Florence and open to the public. Also, other artists to look out for are Urban Solid, whose artwork includes colorfully shaded statues protruding from city walls, and Blub, whose project L’arte Sa Nuotare,’ or ‘Art Knows How to Swim’ presents subjects of famous artwork in scuba diving gear.

2- Stroll through the most beautiful Italian Gardens

Just behind Palazzo Pitti there’s the Boboli Gardens, built in the mid 16th century commissioned by Cosimo I de Medici for his wife Eleanor of Toledo. The Italian style gardens with classical accents like grottos, nympheums, garden temples and a huge Obelix.

3- View Contemporary Art

Contemporary art is not the first thing that springs to mind when one thinks of Florence, but the scene is growing thanks to venues such as Saci Galleries, which shows 16 exhibits annually from international contemporary artists; Palazzo Strozzi, which hosts three exhibitions per year in addition to its permanent collection; and Frittelli Arte Contemporanea which features solo exhibitions alongside its small private collection.