3 amazing things you may not know about Venice

1) Venice was built on wooden stilts

Did you know Venice wasn’t built directly on the surface of the island, but ratheron stilts? Right, there are over 100.000 wooden stilts beneath the islands,which originally served as the foundations for the fishermen’s houses whofounded Venice, and later became architect’s favoured form of foundations tobuild the beautiful buildings we see today.

The earth of the islands was deemed not strong enough to support stonehouses, and therefore these stilts were placed to strengthen the island by beinganchored to the stronger soil at the bottom of the lagoon.

2) Bridge of Sighs derives its name from Lord Byron

The name Bridge of Sighs was given by poet Lord Byron in the nineteenthcentury and comes from the legend that prisoners would sigh in viewing for thelast time Venice before being segregated into their cells.

Legend has it that famous latin lover Giacomo Casanova was one of the fewprisoners to escape from that prison.

3) Venice, the city of the first times

Beautiful Venice is also the city where some important historic events havetaken place for the first time.

Her name was Elena Lucrezia Cornaro Piscopia and she was born in Venice in1646.

Nowadays, people traveling to town can admire a memorial stone located onone side of Loredan Palace, the Town Hall of Venice.