Month: June 2016

The best Italian wines in Venice

The best Italian wines in Venice

Venice it is not only a nice place to stay at Italy; it is a place full of culture and wine. Also, the Veneto region is one of Italy’s most acclaimed when it comes to wines. Perhaps the ultimate Venetian wine experience in the Lagoon is at Hotel Danieli’s Wine Suite, where affordable guided tastings with the sommeliers can be booked by calling or emailing ahead.

Travelers willing to venture into the stunning Venetian countryside have a plethora of options to experience the local wine scene.

Lovers of Italian bubbly should check out Castello di Roncade, a 16th-century castle whose architecture will impress as much as its wine. Wine aficionados might also wish to make the pilgrimage to Verona to visit Villa della Torre, where world famous Amarone is created by the well-regarded Allegrini family. The estate – a 16th-century Renaissance villa where the Venetian doges once partied – has been renovated to accommodate guests overnight.

The estate also hosts tailored wine tastings with delectable meals featuring local cuisine.

Tips to combine pizzas and wines

Tips to combine pizzas and wines

Among one of the most popular saucers of Italy, one you can find it is the pizza, a delight that combines the best cheese mozzarella and Neapolitan sauce. Maybe, the pizza it is better plate in La Piccola Fontana. It is possible if your a pizza lover, and for that reason you should know how to combine it with an exquisite wine. It is an elegant combination, which will increase the spirits of the evening and which simultaneously will help you to process better the food.

For this reason, we will show you the best combinations of pizzas and wines, so that you could bear them in mind for your next(near) party.

Pizza Margherita: pink wine

If your favorite pizza is the Margherita , for this mixture of flavors as the tomato, the mozzarella, the fresh basil, the salt and the oil, your better option is to choose for a pink wine, which will contrast the acid of the tomato and will offer a delight to your palate.

White pizzas: sparkling wine

Some pizzas do not prevail for it’s use of the tomato; there exist alternatives that combine cheeses with sauces as the bechamel and seasonings spinach, pesto or olive oil. In this respect, this type of pizzas can accompany on a sparkling wine, which is not very strong and the best choice for a perfect complement of form on your food.

Pizza Napoli: red wine

The base of this pizza is a delicious sauce of tomato and cheese mozzarella, to the best style of the Italian food, for what you can accompany with a red wine, which increases the flavor of the tomato, combining in an ideal way with your pizza.

The Lost City of Pompeii

The Lost City of Pompeii

Some people know what happened in Pompeii, but to know it indepth it you need a lot of a pleasant research. Nevertheless, if someone visits the place of the facts, they will understand what really happened there.

Vesuvius’ crater

A eruption destroyed the city, killing its inhabitants and burying it under tons of ash. Although many people escaped as the eruption continued, in an instant, an avalanche of lava and rock disgorged from the crater and raced down the mountainside. Also, it hit Pompeii at 100 miles per hour, burying the town in an instant but also preserving it perfectly for 1,500 years. Of the many effects it had on the Roman Empire and world history, the eruption gave us the word “Plinian” which vulcanologists use to describe large clouds of ash and dust released into the atmosphere by volcanic eruptions.

Today Pompeii is one of the most important archeological digs in the world and if you want to visit, our Insiders’ Guide on Pompeii has all the information you’ll need.

How to enjoy the best Italian wines in Rome

How to enjoy the best Italian wines in Rome

The wine is one of the best accompanists to eat. It is really delicious for it’s incredible flavor; once one tried, cannot be forgotten. As the years went by the majority of the persons are accustomed to take a glass of wine a day, or when they taste a delicious Italian plate.

For sure, Rome is a must for every traveler in Italy, from first-time visitors to seasoned veterans.

Given its reputation for unrivaled food, architecture and art, it may surprise you that wines from Lazio – the region surrounding Rome – have not historically been considered among the best wines in Italy. Production around the Eternal City has traditionally been lackluster at best.

In the last twenty years Lazio wines have incurred loyal followings from wine enthusiasts worldwide, mostly due to refinement in winemaking techniques. Bottles from the area showcase impressive expressions of both international varietals, such as Cabernet Sauvignon or Semillion, and indigenous grapes, such Cesanese or Aleatico.

For those who can’t quite make it out of the center of the city, try Al Grammelot enoteca located in the Monteverde Vecchio neighborhood of Rome, where Teodoro Capone offers a curated wine list of indigenous varietals from both the region of Lazio and Italy as a whole.

Pleasures of Italian cuisine: stuffed pasta

Pleasures of Italian cuisine: stuffed pasta

Those who have visited us in La Piccola Fontana, know the best of the Italian food and surely they had the opportunity to try the delicious stuffed pasta. This type of recipe consists of using sheets of pastas elaborated with wheat, and often combined with spinach, which go you refill of cheeses, mushrooms, meats, seafood or vegetables.

This enterteining and delicious recipe can qualify according to the form of the pasta:


In this case the pasta has form of moon and is refilled by meat, though every time they are more the variations of the recipe of raviolis.


This type of stuffed pasta is of square form and the usual thing is that it is stuffed with spinach beets or spinach and cheese ricota, close to a sauce four cheeses or olive oil.


In case of this type of pasta, it’s form is of thick rings, refills with Boloña and accompanied by a delicious creamy sauce or broth.

These delicious stuffed pasta are normally served by sauces of pesto, four cheeses, of tomato or puttanesca. Though also it is possible to choose for little olive oil and grated cheese. Visit us in La Piccola Fontana to enjoy the best pastas.


What it is the Italy’s Republic Day?

It all started in 1946:

June 2nd, 1946, was the day Italians voted to abolish the monarchy, and the Republic of Italy was born; hence Republic Day. After an 85-year monarchy, which had for the most part been very popular with the people, a referendum resulted in 12,717,923 votes ‘for’ and 10,719,284 votes ‘against’.

Republic Day changed dates for 24 years In March 1977, Italy’s economy wasn’t doing so well, and all its public holidays were thought to be having a negative impact.

So to avoid affecting business, Republic Day was moved to the first Sunday in June.

The first Sunday of June had a long history as Italy’s national holiday; before Italy became a Republic, this holiday was known as the Feast of the Albertine Statute – the constitution of 1848, which was seen as the foundation of the Kingdom of Italy.