Month: May 2016

Where to stay in Milan

Where to stay in Milan?

Maybe you are planning a big trip to Milan. Though it has traditionally been considered the “Boring business capital” ofItaly, travelers are finally realizing what the Milanese have known all along -Lombardy’s capital is one of the most nuanced and happening cities in Italy. But that’s not all; Milan like other places in Italy, is full of art and culture. From incredible art, like Da Vinci’s Last Supper and the world-famousPinacoteca di Brera, to mouth watering cuisine, buzzing nightlife and, of course,the best-dressed folk in Italy, this is a city like no other.

If you want to go, you need to know where to stay in Milan. The city’s neighborhoods are split into nine zones, each arranged in a circlearound the Milan Duomo. In each zone there are different neighborhoods offering different atmospheresand price points.

Read on to find the perfect area for you.

Centro Storico

The centro storico is the historic city center and heart of the metropolis. It encompasses the block surrounding the massive Duomo di Milano. Here you’ll find most of the top tourist attractions in Milan, including La ScalaTheater, Museo 900, the Quadrilatero, the Palazzo Reale and the VittorioEmanuele Gallery, among others.


Just north of the Duomo is the artsy Brera district. Still located in Zone 1 along with the Duomo, Brera separates itself from the Duomo neighborhood in style and atmosphere. It’s where to stay in Milan if you want to enjoy the nearby Castello Sforzesco and Parco Sempione. The neighborhood also houses the Brera Academy of Fine Arts and the Brera Art Gallery, as well as the famous Pinacoteca di Brera museum.

Porta Nuova Isola

Porta Nuova is the “New” business district and another high end place to stay in Milan. Once an industrial district with seedy fairgrounds outside of Garibaldi train station, Porta Nuova is now a major Milanese success story and the place to stay in Milan for many business travelers. This pedestrian district is filled with restaurants, bars and clubs. If you’re looking for a late night check out the area clubs like Hollywood Milano, Loolapaloosa, Executive Lounge Milano, and Shocking Club, among others.


How to enjoy a delicious risotto with a good wine

One of the most representative saucers of Italy is the risotto. It is a recipe based on rice that is enjoyed specially in the Italian region of Lombardy. The risotto languishes are close to other ingredients as the meat, artichokes, seafood or fungi. 

This is why La Piccola Fontana will explain to you which wines harmonize with every type of risotto.

With fish

When the risottos are based on fishes, the ideal thing is to accompany them on a sweet wine, already it is one white and freshly, a fruity bouquet or a pinot blanc, which harmonizes with the slightly flavors of the saucer and it do not darken.

With red meats

As for the risottos based on meat, it is preferable to enjoy these saucers with red wines, a fruit-bearing bouquet or delicious chardonnay, which will contrast with the intense flavor of the meat.

With fungi

In case of a delicious risotto with fungi like the risotto to the funghi, the ideal thing is a red wine, lightly fruit-bearing and that allows to estimate all the flavors.

With vegetables

The vegetables have a slightly flavor in the risotto, for what if they are the complement of your saucer, your best alternative is a dry and fresh wine of acidity, lightly fruit tree, as a sauvignon blanc.

If already you know how to harmonize wines with the risotto, visit us in La Piccola Fontana and enjoy the best saucers of the Italian gastronomy.

Manny Manuel

¡Manny Manuel this Friday May 27!

Come this Friday, May 27 to enjoy the best environment of entertainment with the incredible Manny Manuel. You can share this awesome night with your someone special or with your friends.

Manny Manuel,  is a Puerto Rican singer of merengue, boleros, and tropical music. He became famous first as a member of the group Los Sabrosos del Merengue, before launching a successful solo career in 1994.

You can enjoy an incredible meal at our restaurant, a glass of wine or a delicious Italian dessert.

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How to eat appropriately some saucers

When it is time of tasting gourmet saucers , as that you can enjoy in La Piccola Fontana, there exist some basic rules of etiquette that you must keep in mind to eat appropriatly, of refined form, without having accidents that trouble others.

For this reason, today we will explain to you how to eat appropriatly some plates, following just a few basic rules of etiquette, according to the type of food.


This food is tasted by a special fork: is thin and has three teeth.


The ideal way of eating it is to take it with a teaspoon and to deposit a bit in the plate; later smears it itself in small chunks of bread with similar butter is eating up.

Lobster and crab

They must think with the left hand and with the right the legs and the joints are extracted, the legs split with special tweezers and one withdraws the meat with a small fork.


When the olives are served like botana, they can think with the hand or a toothpick for botana.


In case point is placed in the table, split it with the hand to the half and later small chunks continue splitting to take them to the mouth.

Now that you already know how to eat some plates, visit us in La Piccola Fontana and enjoy the best saucers of the Italian gastronomy.

Pappardelle pesto & the Chicken sorrentina

La Piccola Fontana specials: the Pappardelle pesto & the Chicken sorrentina

If you want to enjoy the best flavors of the Mediterranean food and in addition to be kept healthy, your better alternative is to visit La The Piccola Fontana, where we will wait for you with an exquisite menu of the delicious Italian gastronomy. Among the flavors that you can arrange one finds the saucer Pappardelle pesto & the Chicken sorrentina, two options you will love.

Pappardelle pesto and Italian Sausage

The Pappardelle is a kind of fettuccine broad, where in La Piccola Fontana we will serve it with the special flavor of the pesto, accompanied by a delicious Italian Sausage that sure complements it.

Chicken sorrentina

If you look for another option, exquisite and elegant, you can choose for the Chicken sorrentina. The pasta with sorrentina is a typical recipe of Sorrento’s Italian city and is gratinada to the oven, in this case, with the delicious flavor of the chicken.

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Ravioli di Fungi Salsa di Pomodoro

Enjoy the delicious Ravioli di Fungi Salsa di Pomodoro

In La Piccola Fontana you can live an unforgettable experience, especially if you take delight with our  Ravioli di Fungi Salsa di Pomodoro. In our restaurant we have the most exquisite delights of the Italian gastronomy, for what to visit itself is your perfect alternative for any celebration – like Mother’s Day – or elegant evening in which you want to be outlined.

This Ravioli di Fungi Salsa di Pomodoro, is a combination of raviolis of fungi with the freshest sauce of tomatoes, you can accompany your evening with an elegant bottle of wine Poggio all Oro, Brunello Di Montalcino Banfi Riserva di 2007.. Undoubtedly, a red wine that will highlight the flavors of your saucer of raviolis.
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Mother's Day

Celebrate Mother’s Day in La Piccola Fontana

This May 8th, visit us in La Piccola Fontana to celebrate this special day: The Mother’s Day. In our restaurant you can enjoy the atmosphere of luxury and love, and of course you and your mom can try the lovely meals we will make. This great evening cannot end without a Banfi Riserva di 2007 and a special plate, like a Ravioli di Fungi Salsa di Pomodoro, Poggio all Oro, Brunello Di Montalcino. For sure, she will love it.

Another reason to come here on Mother’s Day, is because women love the luxurious environment, and here we have a lot of that. Nonetheless, if she is a wine lover, she can enjoy another type of amohpere at La Piccola Fonatana, with the best flavor in all of our italian food.

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