Month: April 2016

Insalata di Fruiti

New flavors in La Piccola Fontana: Try our Insalata di Fruiti

In La Piccola Fontana San Juan we offer you always the best and more delicious flavors of the Italian food. In this opportunity we invite you to taste an exquisite dessert of Italy: the Insalata di Fruiti, a sweet and healthy, ideal saucer to finish a watched wire brush.

Our delicious Insalata I gave Fruiti you will surprise with it’s Wild Berry’s combination and Rucola Salad, a perfect alternative if you want to amaze your couple at the end of a romantic date in La Piccola Fontana. In addition, you can accompany this dessert on an exquisite wine of your choice.

Do not hesitate to realize your reservation as soon as possible to try our Insalata di Fruiti with Wild Berry and Rucola Salad and offer to this special person a evening full of luxuries and excellence. You can do your reservation calling +1 (787) 791-0966, we will wait for you in La Piccola Fontana San Juan.

Crudo di pesce

Try the delicious Crudo di pesce at La Piccola Fontana San Juan

In La Piccola Fontana San Juan we offer you the best saucers based on marine food, and for this opportunity we invite you to satisfy your palate with the exquisite saucer of Crudo di pesce. This exotic recipe of raw fish, to the best Italian style, mixes fresh vegetables with our excellent selection of fish for your enjoyment.

In addition, you can accompany this delicious saucer with a bottle of wine of our wide selection of drinks. For it we recommend to you an exquisite white wine, which will get on perfectly with the delicate flavors of the fish and will allow you to enjoy both parts.

Make your reservation as soon as possible to try our excellent Crude oil I gave pesce and enjoy a evening full of luxuries and qualit food that you will never forget. You can do your reservation calling +1 (787) 791-0966, we will wait for you in La Piccola Fontana San Juan.


The Top 3 Health Benefits of Italian Food

The Top 3 Health Benefits of Italian Food

When a person speaks about one of the best gastronomies in the world, the Italian is the prefer one. Not only because it’s full of delicious flavors and insuperable combinations of ingredients, this food it is highly profitable for those who consume it. From benefiting your cardiac health, to having a lot of power like antioxidant.

These are our top 3:

Strengthens your cardiac health

The use of ingredients like the olive oil and the seafood, proper of the Italian gastronomy, are ideal sources of healthy fats that they help to keep protected and strengthened to your heart. In addition, the undoubted accompanist of this food, the red wine, also has been categorized as positive for your cardiac health.

Excellent source of fiber

The fiber is widely known for it positive for the digestive system and for facilitating any process of digestion, enclosed for anticipating the constipation. Thankfully, the Italian gastronomy contains diverse fruits, grains and rich vegetables in fibers that they help you keep healthy.

High antioxidant power

With vitamins like A, C and E, presents in fruits and vegetables of the Italian recipes, it is not of be surprising the saucers have a high antioxidant power. This benefit helps you to avoid the cellular damage and to reduce the risk of suffering any type of cancer.

Now that you know the principal benefits of the Italian food, do not hesitate to visit us in La Piccola Fontana to spend an agreeable evening, full of the best saucers of the Italian gastronomy, and to enjoy our delicious wines.


Differences between the white wine and the red wine

The fanatics of a delicious saucer of La Piccola Fontana knows the grand thing that is to harmonize the wines with an Italian food of quality. But always the doubt arises, should it take white wine or red wine? What do these wines differ as for its characteristics, for example. In this opportunity we will mention to you some aspects of these drinks in order that you know its differences and similarities.

* Calories: the red wine and the white have 125 calories.

* Carbohydrates: there is no difference since both contain 3,8 g.

* Natural sugar: the red wine has 0,9 g. of sugar and the white 1,4 g.

* Potassium: the red wine contains 5 % and the white 3 %.

* Calcium: both help you to strengthen your bones.

* I shoe: the red wine contains 4 % of iron and the white 2 %.

* Magnesium: the level of magnesium of the red wine is 5 % and the white is 4 %.

* Phosphorus: the red wine contains 3,4 % of phosphorus whereas the white 2,6 %.

Undoubtedly the differences in components between these wines are minimal, so only you should take in consideration if your saucer has strong flavors that contrast with the red wine or, on the other hand, it is a recipe, ideal of soft flavors to accompany with a white wine. So, while you turn into an expert into wines and Italian food, we wait for you on La Piccola Fontana with the best gastronomy of the city.

Specials - La Piccola Fontana

Try our specials at La Piccola Fontana of Isla Verde

The best flavors of the Italian food is in our restaurant, that’s why we are inviting you to take a special night with some of specials on La Piccola Fontana of Isla Verde. We have saucers divinely prepared for you and your guests, to create the best environment and to there offer you a sophisticated party that you will never be able to forget.

The first saucer is Amaretto Cheesecake’s delicious dessert with Strawberry Syrup over Italian Amaretti Biscuits. This alternative combines the best of the Italian desserts with fruits for your mouth.

The second saucer that we offer you is the Chicken Breast Involtino stuffed with Riccota Cheese, Mushrooms, Spinash and Proscuitto. A mixture of meat and flavors of Italy that you will enjoy, especially if you come with company.

Make your reservation as soon as possible to try our special saucers and an unforgettable experience to live. You can do your reservation calling +1 (787) 791-0966.

We will wait for you in La Piccola Fontana.

San Juan

A full fashionable night on San Juan

You cannot lost this Thursday, the 14th of April, one of the best fashionable events in San Juan.

El San Juan Resort, will offer to their special guests a spectacular week full of entertainment, with awesome DJ’s music, but at the same time, all the presents will be able to enjoy the grand one ‘blue kick off ‘ with a special guest: Zuleyka Rivera, who will show an autumn/winter collection.

This event is only under an invitation confirming to the following e-mail:

The valet parking in the hotel is included.


5 table manners tips

1. Before taking the cutlery or the glasses, your hands always must be clean. This also during the food. Try to be very careful in the moment to eat and not dirty the edge of your plate.

2. When you want to drink,  swallows the morsel that in this moment you are consuming, immediately afterwards with the napkin, clean your lips. After drinking, you clean again your lips.

4. If you wish something that it’s on the table, but you do not have it nearby not to your scope, ask another guest for it.

5. If you want to repeat a plate, it is not correct to ask the host for this, nevertheless you can accept it if they offer it to you and want it.


Our homemade Grazes with Ossobuco Ragu

Are you searching the best of the Italian gastronomy? Then it is a moment to take a visit at La Piccola Fontana, to enjoy of our delicious homemade Grazes with Ossobuco Ragu, a saucer with the best ingredients and the preparation of major quality for the delight of your palate, as well as that of your guests.

In La Piccola Fontana you will not only obtain the best saucers of Italian food, but the best attention of our personnel, as well as a space full of luxury and exclusivity to live through the best experiences with your guests and to surprise them with a delicious food.

Please make your reservation as soon as possible to try our homemade Grazes with Ossobuco Ragu, and offer to your guests a evening full of luxuries and excellence that they will never forget. You can do your reservation calling +1 (787) 791-0966; we will wait for you at La Piccola Fontana.


The Focaccia: the best of the Italian flavor

The Italian gastronomy is recognized internationally for been healthy and by it’s delicious flavors. Among one of their principal meals there is the focaccia, a species of flat bread covered with grasses and other food products, which undoubtedly any saucer of Italy complements to the perfection.

The focaccia is a traditional plate of the Italian cuisine and very related to the popular pizza, though the usual thing is that it is served as entry during a formal dinner. On the other hand, this bread with grasses serves as appetizer in a meeting, accompanied by cheese pecorino.

The basic recipe of the focaccia itself comes from the former Greeks, nevertheless it is considered to be a delight of the gastronomy of Liguria. Among it’s variations there exists the stuffed focaccia of olive or ham, cover of olive oil and rosemary.

If you want to try the best of the Italian food, as the delicious focaccia, you do not hesitate to visit us in The Piccola Fontana for an unforgettable experience.


Avoid these mistakes at the moment of eating

To enjoy an excellent food in an impeccable restaurant as La Piccola Fontana, not only earns the credit to receive the best attention of the personnel and saucers of high quality, but also to avoid common mistakes at the moment of eating that they can spoil your eating time.

For this motive,  we will mention the principal rules that you must follow at the moment of eating in order that you could avoid common mistakes.

1. Place the napkin on your legs and not on the chest or tied to the neck, provided that this has a bad look.

2. Avoid the fingers to absorb yourself while you are eating, due to the fact it is a slightly respectful act and that can trouble your accompanists.

3. Try to place the salt to the food, if deserves it, after proving it and not before. Otherwise you might salar excessively your saucer.

4. In spite of the fact that is very common, it is necessary to to avoid suck directly of the plate the soups, as well as absorb bones of meats or shells of crustaceans.

Following these rules of gold undoubtedly you were demonstrating a better behavior to the moment to eat and you will enjoy more the food, as well as your accompanists will do it.