Month: March 2016


Wine-tasting tips

Some factors are involved when you like to taste a delicious wine, the origin and quality of revealed as this one. Exist some steps that you must follow to start turning into an expert taster of wines, especially if it is sought to enjoy the aroma, flavor and up to the color of this drink.

Do you want to know taste wines as an expert? We will mention some tips to keep in mind.

1. The wine must suspect before waving it, provided that later they change the aromas.

2. In the glass you can estimate the color of the wine, limpidity, sheen, shades, beside being able to smell it intensely.

3. Avoids to consume whiskey, Martini, vodka or rum, and even to smoke, since your capacity will affect smell gustatory.

4. Taste the wine with your tongue, the palate, the throat and the imagination. On having stopped swallowing the wine, it is necessary to to exhale across the nose to perceive aromas and smells.

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Visit La Piccola Fontana with your friends

The friends can be so close as family; always an excuse will be there to spend a pleasant moment with them. To invite them to a restaurant is an opportunity to consent those frinds and to demonstrate it they are special for you.

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Provolone: The popular Italian cheese

The Provolone cheese is one of more acquaintances in the Italian gastronomy, specially used in the south zone of Italy. This one it is elaborated from milk of cow and possesses 45 % of fat, with a texture harder than that of the cheese mozzarella, maturing for up to six months before their distribution.

This special cheese in the Italian cuisine it is known for having strong aromas, herbs, leaves of lettuce and lemon. It’s flavor is equally intense and spicy. By it it is widely used in recipes of pasta or lasaña contributing a lot of flavor to these saucers.

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5 Italian delights

The Italian gastronomy is one of the most delicious and complete in the world, that’s why it’s expansion in the international restaurants has been unstoppable. But, which have been the most important saucers of the Italian cuisine? There are great the delights that we can find in Italy, but in this opportunity we you will mention five of the most relevant saucers and that undoubtedly you must try it once in your life.

Bolognese Lasaña 

To mixing between grazes, meat and tomato they give like proved the delicious saucer of lasaña there bolognese, icon of the Italian cuisine.

Pizza Margarita

Classic, popular and the most delicious of the pizzas of Italy. Undoubtedly an indispensable saucer in the Italian cuisine, with much cheese and sauce of tomato.

Uova al Pomodoro

A typical and simple recipe of Italy? Undoubtedly they would be the eggs embezzled in sauce ragú, a delight that it takes pleasure to the most demanding palates.

The classic Tiramisú

This list would not be complete without a delicious Italian dessert as the tiramisú, the definitive proof that in Italy the salty thing is so important as the sweet thing. This saucer consists for sheets of sponge cake steeped in coffee with liquor, cream, soft cheese, sugar, cocoa in powder, coffee and sugar glass.

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How to professionally harmonize cheeses and wines

The cheese is a fundamental ingredient in the Italian cuisine. From pizzas to pastas, the gastronomy of Italy is predominated by the use of different types of cheese, specially mozzarella and Parmesan. But, What is it necessary for harmonize the flavors of the cheeses and the wines? Depending on its texture, aroma and flavor, some wines are ideal for certain ingredient.


Which is the best wine to accompany the mozarella cheese? Undoubtedly a young toscano wine or a glass of chianti; they are the best to accompany a delicious pizza.


A chardonmay Chilean or Californian sound the best to harmonize with a Parmesan cheese, a fundamental ingredient of all the Italian pastas.


The provolone cheese is also widely used in the Italian gastronomy. If you are tasting a saucer with this ingredient, you may choose for a glass of riserva chianti or a barolo of powerful tannins.

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Benefits of consuming garlic for your health

The garlic is a vegetable widely used in all the gastronomías of the world, specially in the Italian, in view of its strong and delicious flavor. This particular ingredient turns to any saucer in one gourmet, especially if it is used to roast meats or vegetables.

Nevertheless, the garlic not only is positive for the flavor, due to the fact that also offers multiple advantages for the one who consumes it and scientific there is related the ingestion of this ingredient to a longer and healthy life.

Avoids cardiac diseases

Investigations have revealed the consumption of the garlic is good for the health of the persons. The vegetable is rich in vitamin C, B6 and in manganese. In addition reduces the cholesterol and diminishes the risk of suffering diseases of the heart.

Reinforces the immunological system

The garlic also reinforces the functions of the immune system. As consequence, the organism is more prepared to attack the bacteria that could affect it.

This vegetable also is known for diminishing the arterial pressure and anticipating mental illnesses. So you do not doubt it and visit us at our restaurant La Piccola Fonatana to taste a delicious saucer with garlic.


Procedure of etiquette to have the first successful appointment

If you want to surprise a person who pleases you or if you are in search of establishing a romantic relation with someone, it is probable that you are thinking of inviting this person to an appointment. This type of meetings is fundamental in order that the relation continues successfully, for what it is very important that the appointment is agreeable and has a pleasant environment. In this respect, the basic procedure of etiquette must be known to avoid any mistake.

Have your doubts about the procedure of etiquette that you must fulfill in your first appointment? We will mention to you the principal ones in order that your romantic date is a whole success.

Reserve in a great restaurant

The environment is extremely important for the first appointment, for what you must not hesitate to reserve in a luxurious restaurant, which offers the best attention and gastronomic quality. Restaurants like The Piccola Fonatana are ideal for the first appointment, provided that they combine the luxury with the better of the Italian food.

Go to the place before your date

If the meeting has been fixed in a public place, it is important that you come before that your date to prevent it from having to wait for you or that the meeting is slow. The recommended is that you go forward a bit at the foreseen hour, being able to wait sat in the table or in the bar.

The waiter must serve the wine

The service of wine will depend on the category of the restaurant, for what if you resort to a luxurious establishment as The Piccola Fonatana, they will be the waiters who serve the wine on having seen one of the empty glasses.

The important thing in an appointment is that you offer an agreeable moment to your accompanist, so maybe she or he wants to repeat it in another occasion.


White wines should be served chilled

Those who visit us at La Piccola Fontana know how delicious it is to take a cold white wine, but why this type of drink is served cold? One of the main aspects is that low helps maximize the combination of flavors and aromas of these wines the temperature, so they should always be cooled before consumption.

The low temperature in white wines facilitates the appearance of its floral aromas, fruity and citrus. While at higher temperature white wine, its nuances and fruit florarles you are they will appear but with a more mature and less elegant tone.

Ideally always choose low temperatures for white wines to drink it; also, low temperatures are perfect for red wines in general.

Now you know why white wines are served cold in La Piccola Fonatana. Visit us and enjoy our exquisite selection of wines, with a delicious Italian menu.



Why everyone should love pasta

Pasta is one of the main ingredients in any Italian recipe, due to its taste and versatile capacity deliciously impregnated with other ingredients. But this is not the only reason that in Italy and in the rest of the world love pasta, as this is essential for a healthy diet and is good for digestion.

You want to meet other benefits of pasta? We’ll mention them below.

Ideal for a good nutrition

Pasta, as a source of carbohydrates, are a key component for healthy eating and it is easy to combine with vegetables, salads and even some desserts.

Allow a good digestion

Due to its composition, dried pasta is digested more slowly than other foods. This is a benefit because meals with slow-digesting carbohydrates help the body get all the nutritional benefits.

Strengthen intellectual performance

Pasta provide nutritional benefits for intellectual performance, because the brain feeds on glucose (and glucose is carbohydrates and therefore on pasta).

You already know all the benefits of pasta? Then visit us at La Piccola Fonatana where you can taste the best dishes of Italian cuisine.