Month: February 2016


Celebrate your special occasions in La Piccola Fontana

In your special moments you deserve the best attention and an elegant atmosphere, which is on a par with your needs. Then how much is your best alternative is to celebrate your special occasions in La Piccola Fontana, where we offer the best service of our staff and the most sophisticated menus for your event.

In our restaurant you can celebrate special occasions deserve the best place as reception: engagement parties, wedding parties and rehearsal dinners. This way you will have an ideal location for such events, luxurious and elegant space.

Your guests will feel special to taste the dishes on our menu, as in La Piccola Fontana we offer the best of Italian cuisine in the city, along with wines suitable to the occasion.

Call now at 787 791-0966 to make your reservation and organize your event with style and elegance in La Piccola Fonatana.


Harmonize wines and desserts as an expert

When you taste the best of Italian food in La Piccola Fonatana the most delicious dishes are desserts. That’s when the question arises as to what are the best drinks to accompany these dishes, especially when it comes to wine.

Harmonize wines and desserts is a subject that only experts dominate, but the key is to recognize the flavors and intensity of these beverages, which are suitable for each type of dessert.

Here we mention two combinations of wines and desserts that work perfectly.

White wine and vanilla

If you are eating a dessert made with butter cream or custard and highlighting the vanilla, it is best to opt for a softer white wine.

Red wine and chocolate

If you want to eat an Italian dessert that is based on chocolate, you can opt for a delicious red wine that contrast with cocoa.

You already know how to harmonize wine and desserts? Then visit La Piccola Fonatana and enjoy the best sweet Italian-style.


How to eat spaghetti properly

When you eat spaghetti it is probably an accident can happen especially if it has Bolognese sauce. It is for this reason that La Piccola Fonatana will tell you how you can eat a delicious pasta dish without splashing on your clothes or face, as this reflects a misuse of silverware.

Eat spaghetti properly shows good manners, so it’s never too late to learn these formalities. So if you’re eating fettuccine, linguine and traditional spaghetti, you should avoid rolling the pasta spoon support, since this cover is used for desserts.

Another mistake is that you should avoid making pasta snack to eat it more easily, because it is not the proper way to eat Italian food.

The correct way is to hold the fork with the index finger and thumb with the teeth down. It should take a few strands of pasta with a fork and turn it into the bowl until they are gone completely joined. Fork lift and take it to the mouth.

So if you know how to eat spaghetti properly, you just need to visit La Piccola Fonatana to eat a delicious pasta dish. We hope to help you have an unforgettable evening with the best Italian food.


The Italian cuisine and its benefits

Italian cuisine is internationally known to have many health benefits, especially for its high amount of vegetables and olive oil, as well as its accompanying wine, dairy, eggs and red meat.

A study from the journal Clinical Interventions in Aging determined that Italian food is not only healthy, but also helps reduce the risks associated with certain chronic diseases. Therefore we mention some of the benefits of consuming recipes of Italian cuisine.

Helps to control weight

Italian food include ingredients like tomatoes, spinach, citrus fruits, onions and garlic, which are low in calories and fat, and a high nutritional value. These foods are ideal for losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight.

Strengthen your heart health

Foods on Italian cuisine such as olive oil and seafood are excellent sources of healthy fats, plus they contain omega 3, which is linked to the prevention of heart disease.

Has a lot of antioxidant

Their high content of vitamins A, C and E make the Italian plates highly powerful of antioxidants which helps protecting your body from unstable molecules that cause cell damage, thus helping to reduce the risk of developing cancer.

So do not hesitate and visit us at La Piccola Fonatana where you can taste the best meals of the Mediterranean diet.


Try our delicious Valentine’s menu

To celebrate Valentine’s week we bring you a delicious menu at La Piccola Fontana, with the highest style and quality for you to enjoy your evening with friends. The tasting menu comprises:

Primo Corso: You can start the evening with a delicious Raw Iberico, based Cure Iberic ham, fig compote and Spanish Manchego Cheese.

Secondo Corso you can try our great Bruschetta Di Mare, a recipe created with Stone Crab Claws, Lump Crab Meat, meat Lobster salad with toasted panini. You can accompany this dish with Lollypop Di Agnello, a dish of lamb chop Lollypop, Oil and Herb Pesto Sundried.
Terzo Corso: a spectacular dish Risotto Al Nero di Seppia, Arborio Rice With sauteed squid ink and Calamari. Complemented by a Fatta a Mano, homemade Ricotta Cheese Ravioli with Black Truffle Butter Sauce. In this plate is added the Terra e Mare, Angus Filet Mignon & Chilean Seabass, Ontañon Red Wine Reduction Sauce & Potato Wedges Herb.

Quarto Corso: to complete the romantic evening you can taste our Crepe Ferrero, Ferrero Chocolate, Hazelnut Nutella Crepe With Wild Berries.

Call now at 787 791-0966 to make your reservation and enjoy the week of Valentine’s Day with style and elegance in La Piccola Fonatana.


After tasting an Italian meal, enjoy the concert of Camilo y su Gente

This Friday night Camilo y su Gente and Del Sur Al Norte with Julito Alvarado share his marvelous sound at San Juan Resort and Casino.

Camilo y su Gente is a band for all kinds of activity. They play in a trio, quartet with a full orchestra. They varied music from timba, rock, flamenco, salsa, bossa nova, pop and boleros. They have their own musical sound.




























All of this musical experience was part of Meat Market that night, making a different and special moment for a great dinner, so before the event, you can visit our restaurant La Piccola Fontana. Remember, just off a luxurious wing of El San Juan Hotel, La Piccola Fontana delivers plate after plate of delectable food nightly. From its white linens to its classically formal service, it enjoys a fine reputation. The food is straightforward, generous, and extremely well prepared. You’ll dine in one of two neo-Palladian rooms whose wall frescoes depict Italy’s ruins and landscapes. Menu items range from the appealingly simple (grilled filets of fish or grilled veal chops) to more elaborate dishes such as tortellini San Daniele, made with veal, prosciutto, cream, and sage; or linguine scogliere, with shrimp, clams, and seafood. Grilled medallions of filet mignon are served with braised arugula, Parmesan cheese, and balsamic vinegar. It’s like a piece of Italy in the Caribbean.

For more information: +1 787-791-1000


Valentine’s Weekend at La Piccola Fontana

At La Piccola Fontana we know every day is special to celebrate love. This is why we invite you to visit us during this Valentine’s Weekend to enjoy genuine Italian food in the best Italian restaurant in town .
During the Valentine’s Weekend we offer you a romantic and sophisticated atmosphere to celebrate with your partner; perfect to surprise that special someone with an evening full of romance, luxury and impeccable service.


In our restaurant you can enjoy a delicious menu with the most important meals of Italian gastronomy with the finest wine according to the food which have chosen. Also, you can end the day with our delicious menu of Italian desserts which will make the encounter memorable.

Make your reservation as soon as possible and offer that special someone a romantic evening they will never forget. You can make your reservation by calling +1 (787) 791-0966.


Make the best toast

By the arrival of any celebration is also time to toast for that. However giving a speech toast can be difficult either because of shyness or not knowing exactly what to say to be suitable for the occasion. It is for this reason that La Piccola Fonatana will give you some tips to make the best toast.

Show gratitude
Be grateful to those accompanying you especially those unconditional people. A toast is the best time to show gratitude to those who support you and are part of your life.

Emphasizes the positive
Seize the toast to remember that achievement or happy moment and make everybody smile.

Make it particular

Toasts usually extend and become unnecessarily complicated. Avoid rambling; offer a concrete speech that will be memorable and have the most important and relevant information.

As extra tip we recommend you to be as original as possible, that the speech is in your own words for others to identify with what you say. So you know how to make the best toast now you just have to make your reservation at La Piccola Fonatana and enjoy our menu.

olive oil on wooden table

Olive oil protects against cancer

Olive oil is widely used in gourmet food particularly in the Italian cuisine due to its health benefits and delicious taste in food. Now, this is not the only advantage of consuming olive oil. In a study published in JAMA Internal Medicine it was determined that olive oil protects against breast cancer.

The consumption of this kind of oil is 5% to 28% and reduces the risk of developing a breast tumor one of the diseases that most affect women today. To this result they studied 4,282 women who did were followed for 4.8 years.

This study confirms the benefits of Mediterranean diet own Italian gastronomy. So if you want to benefit with the use of this oil it is recommended to consume four tablespoons daily. So take advantage of the benefits of olive oil and visit us at La Piccola Fonatana, where you can taste the best dishes of the Mediterranean diet.