Month: October 2015


Zombies arrive in Italy

To promote Ceres Halloween Invasion party to be held in the city of Palermo, the youtubers specialized in horror DM Pranks jokes , very recognized by the video of the murderer clown, made ​​a video in which a horde of zombies coming to Italy.

It is expected that the entire boot-shaped country is the victim this October 31 of this invasion of nonliving.


Ceres annual Halloween festival will be held free to enjoy a safe and fun evening activities. Costume contests, games, photo booths Halloween, crafts, dance classes, salon fake tattoos,  storytelling and also be able to recreate the experience of a haunted house.



Italy recovers the wine throne

Italy regained the throne as the country that produces wine in the world with 48.9 million hectoliters, surpassing France (47.4 million) and Spain (36.6 million).  According to official figures issued by the International Organisation of Wine (OIV).

As recently questioned the World Health Organization (WHO ) advises moderate consumption , indicating that intake should not exceed two glasses .

Domenico Zonin
Domenico Zonin

The president of the Italian Wine Union (UIV) Domenico Zonin said that the renewal of wines and supported by appropriate pricing policies, favored the economic environment recovery key to return to the first position process. And according Zonin this might be possible with the strategies employed by the supply chains, to ensure stability in the market in the long and medium term.

The Italian wine market had a huge spike in the UK and the US, with prosecco, sparkling and frizzy

Villa Jovis palace with history

In southern Italy , specifically in Capri , there is a Roman palace which is also known as the Villa of Jupiter . Built by Emperor Tiberius to rule there since the year 27 AD to 37. Located in the northeast of the island , on top of ” Monte Tiberio ” , its elevation is 334 m, making it the second highest peak , surpassed only by the ” Monte Solaro ” 589 meters elevation.

Passing through the main entrance is a stunning cliff overlooking the ocean and legend has it that Emperor Tiberius threw people after quench his sexual appetite or they committed suicide . The rumor came to so many parts that fishermen have spread the myth and say that around the cries of people listen.

At present the main attractions are great views overlooking the Gulf of Naples , the Sorrento peninsula and the island of Capri, because the palace is in ruins but you can feel the vastness of the land.

Circus Maximus a place to compete

King Tarquinius Priscus, fifth under the mandate of ancient Rome built the Circus Maximus, a stadium made ​​to compete in races. Located between the valley of the Aventine and Palantino mountains.

In Roman civilization it was not the biggest circus with its 621 meters long and 118 meters wide. It had a capacity of 300,000 spectators and was a model for the circuses of the cities of the empire.

Circuses were for many years the most important recreational facilities of the Roman cities with theaters, among the activities carried out are the public games as the ancient chariot races among other shows.

In racing, the competitors tried to give seven times the Circus Maximus in small horse-drawn carts and prizes were somewhat higher than prestige or money as often slaves was fighting for his freedom.

The treasure Alarico hunt begins

Italy through a select group of archaeologists has begun the search for the missing treasure famous Alaric the Visigoth king. Legend has it that Alaric got this treasure after sacking Rome in 410.

According to the legend Alaric was buried with treasure located somewhere between the junction of two rivers in the town of Cosenza, in Calabria in southern Italy. Alaric would rest alongside tons of gold, silver and legendary objects as the Menorah, stolen by visogodos to Rome.

The Nazis tried to find him because Hitler was obsessed with that treasure, so much so that Heinrich Himmler sent along with team of archaeologists in their search, of course without success.

Today the municipality of Cosenza started the adventure and plan to build a museum honoring the history Alaric and the Goths.


Trevi Fountain flip a coin and asks the desire to return

In Rome a city full of historical sites is a monumental fountain and one of the most beautiful in the world. How much the legend that its origin is from the time of Emperor Augustus and its construction is due to the general Agrippa whom a beautiful woman pointed to a water location on the outskirts of the city and Agrippa built the aqueduct called Acqua Virgo.

The source is known today, it was built in the seventeenth century by a man named Nicola Salvi, who stunned the world with its design. But Salvi could not see his finished work due to health problems, since the work was delayed for more than 30 years.

It is believed that this wonderful source ritual of tossing a coin to make a wish, in this case the urban history says visitors threw the coin to ensure your return to the Eternal City.

Another interesting story is that of that fountain was part of the scene of a famous film of Federico Fellin, “La Dolce Vita”

Grotta dello Smeraldo

The Amalfi Coast in Italy hiding place of those that makes the eyes shine , a sea cave located exactly in the bay of Conca dei Marini. The name comes from the color of the water reflecting the light filtering through the rocks, creating a dramatic effect on the way the colors change depending on the light. A unique color range that varies from cobalt blue to turquoise and emerald emblematic.

This destination has a unique feature among sea caves is that light rays enter through a small crack in the rock that is at water level. The area is full of water, with dimensions of 45×32 meters and was a fisherman who discovered the area in 1932, called Luigi Buoncore.



The cave was not always covered by the sea, because they demonstrate the stalagmites that emerge from the water , resulting from the internal movement of sinking of the crust. Emerald grotto, a perfect place to visit and know all the stories told by local boatmen place.


Stromboli volcano the “Lighthouse of the Mediterranean”

Stromboli is an active volcano which is one of the Aeolian islands, located off the west coast of Italy. The origin is not defined but it is believed that emerged about 100,000 years ago, its base begins to more than 3,280 feet below the sea surface and rises to 3,031 feet above the sea.

The “Lighthouse of the Mediterranean ” has been active for about two thousand years, the lava emerging from the crater of the volcano, moving down the slopes , ending at the sea. This could indicate that the magma chamber of Stromboli is constantly filled by the mantle , action that experts conceptualized as an activity ” Strombolian”.


The island is visited by nature lovers who want to live the experience of feeling the roar of an erupting volcano. A unique phenomenon that the inhabitants of Stromboli perceive every fifteen or twenty minutes.

When the volcano is clear you can enjoy the beaches of black volcanic sand , crystal clear water . Similarly this destination has as main attraction for outdoor enthusiasts and thrill of trekking. And it can be done by several agencies available on the island.


Positano a place with many destinations to discover part I

In the Sorrento Peninsula specifically in the Amalfi Coast, between cliffs and mountains, it is Positano, a place without conventional streets in place which has small stairs and alleys. To reach the village must cross a narrow road near the cliff.

Positano 40 kilometers from Naples is a destination to enjoy the view of the bay, watching the beautiful scenery from any window by its proximity to the sea, disconnect from the routine and spend a different day up and down stairs .

From the cliffs Fornillo area you can see the three islands of the archipelago called ” Li Galli” or ” Sirenuse ” who has that name by the urban legend that in that place is inhabited by mermaids.


The world’s largest Baguette is Italian and has Nutella

The Italian company Ferrero known as the manufacturer of the sweet cream Nutella supported a project in which 60 French and Italian bakers baked for more than seven hours, the longest baguette of the world with 120 meters to set a new Guinness record under Expo Milano 2015.

The cooks prepared the French bun crunchiness on the outside and soft inside with a portable oven in a prepared table. Then he was cut out to smear it with Nutella and be distributed to those attending the fair.

With this feat the baguette ended the record of 111 meters was a French supermarket chain and was the fourth world record held during the Expo Milano 2015.