Month: August 2015


3 amazing things you may not know about Venice

1) Venice was built on wooden stilts

Did you know Venice wasn’t built directly on the surface of the island, but ratheron stilts? Right, there are over 100.000 wooden stilts beneath the islands,which originally served as the foundations for the fishermen’s houses whofounded Venice, and later became architect’s favoured form of foundations tobuild the beautiful buildings we see today.

The earth of the islands was deemed not strong enough to support stonehouses, and therefore these stilts were placed to strengthen the island by beinganchored to the stronger soil at the bottom of the lagoon.

2) Bridge of Sighs derives its name from Lord Byron

The name Bridge of Sighs was given by poet Lord Byron in the nineteenthcentury and comes from the legend that prisoners would sigh in viewing for thelast time Venice before being segregated into their cells.

Legend has it that famous latin lover Giacomo Casanova was one of the fewprisoners to escape from that prison.

3) Venice, the city of the first times

Beautiful Venice is also the city where some important historic events havetaken place for the first time.

Her name was Elena Lucrezia Cornaro Piscopia and she was born in Venice in1646.

Nowadays, people traveling to town can admire a memorial stone located onone side of Loredan Palace, the Town Hall of Venice.


2 hotels in Italy are 7 stars

Luxury, is still a term that does not only express the cost of something, but alsothose intangible qualities of exclusiveness, uniqueness, and pure pleasure onehas from experiencing luxury.

From beauty products to fashion houses luxury has become a value to chaseconstantly, and the same for the hospitality industry, from gastronomy toaccommodation.

Want to know more? Here are the 6 uber luxury hotels around the world with 7 stars:

Aman Canal Grande, Venice, Italy

Town House Galleria, Milan, Italy


3 Unexpected things to do in Venice

In no particular order, here are three unexpected things to do in Venice.

Rialto Fish Market Tour with Gritti Epicurean School


Since 1097, the Venetians have relied on the Rialto Market’s vendors for notjust the day’s catch but top-notch produce.

Also, this historic market plays an important part in the city’s social and culinaryculture, and Gritti Palace chef Daniele Turco offers a special gastronomicpackage whereby guests start their day touring the storied Rialto Market withTurco, who explains Venetian cuisine and local products.

Offered twice a month and available on request, the market tour and cookinglesson package is available to the public, not just Gritti Palace hotel guests.


Mazzorbo, Torcello and Burano


Mazzorbo is home to the one-star Michelin wine resort Venissa, owned byMatteo Bisol-son of Gianluca, the celebrated prosecco maker-and Matteo’s wifeVeronica. Also, Mazzorbo connects to the picture perfect island of Burano known for its colorfulhouses and lacemakers and home to the Venice Lace Museum.

Though much of the island’s former splendor has been recycled, a fewMedieval-era buildings remainThe island’s main draw is Byzantine mosaic artwork inside the seventh centuryCathedral of Santa Maria Assunta.



Cicchetti and Wine Bar Tour


Cicchetti, sub-genre of La Cucina Veneziana, are tiny snacks offered at the city’smany baccari and select osteriasAlong the way, you’ll learn all about the role cicchetti have played Venice’ssocial culture and history.



The first movie of Dante’s Inferno

Over the centuries, Dante Alighieri’s masterpiece, the Divine Comedy, has beena source of inspiration for many artists, who have tried to catch the timelessessence of what is widely considered as one of the most illustrious andinfluential cornerstones in the Italian literature.

Of the three chapters in which the poem is divided no doubt the Inferno is theone that mostly has attracted painters, illustrators and directorsinterest, bytelling the descent of Dante through the nine circles of Inferno.



Inferno the movie: Dante goes to Hollywood

Hollywood is not immune to the Divine Comedy timeless charm as WarnerBros has purchased the script based on Dante’s Inferno by Dwain Worrel inorder to make Dante’s epic poem into a movie that will be produced by GianniNunnari’s Hollywood Gang and Akiva Goldsman’s Weed Road.

Warner Broscinematic version is going to be a modern retelling on the big screen of Dante’sepic descent through the nine circles of Hell, while seeking out for his belovedBeatrice, lead by the Roman poet Virgil.

We still don’t know the title of Warner Bros Inferno’s cinematic adaptation or the date of release as there isn’t yet a timetable for the production to begin, all we know is that with the project being so ambitious and challenging, there are reasons to talk about a potential cinematic trilogy to which a movie based on Paradiso and another on Purgatorio could follow. Stay tuned for more details!


The bikini in time of the Romans

The most famous room of Villa del Casale is a rectangular room with mosaicfloors and frescoed wallsApparently it was originally destined for the servants who took handled themaintenance of the rooms of the residence.

The new owners overlaid the first, more ancient, mosaic floor with geometricdecorations with the floor decorated with the ten girls in bikinis, dated to thefourth century AD. The girls in subligar and stropkion are shown side by side,along two overlapping lines, viewed from the front.

The women are engaged in various fitness activities: long jump, discusthrowing, long distance running and ball games. And, the girl proclaiming the winners looks different to the others: she is wrapped ina light dress that highlights the shape of her bodyOf the two winning girls, one is holding a spoked wheel used in a test of skill,and the other is already clutching the palm of victory and wearing a crown ofroses.


Homemade Classic Italian Tiramisu

In mood for something sweet? You should take a minute and taste the delicious Homemade Classic Italian Tiramisu. It is a popular coffee-flavored Italian dessert. It is made of ladyfingers (Italian: Savoiardi, [savoˈjardi]) dipped in coffee, layered with a whipped mixture of eggs, sugar, and mascarpone cheese, flavoured with cocoa.

The recipe has been adapted into many varieties of cakes and other desserts. Its origins are often disputed among Italian regions such asVeneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Piedmont, and others.


Culture: Saint Lawrence

St Lawrence is thought to have been born in Spain, at Huesca, a town in theAragon region near the foot of the Pyrenees MountainsAs a youth he was sent to Zaragoza to complete his humanistic and theologicalstudies where he encountered the future Pope Sixtus II. Eventually, both leftSpain for Rome.

When Sixtus became the Pope in 257, he ordained St Lawrence as a one of the7 deacons of RomeSaint Lawrence was known as anArchdeacon of Rome“, a position of greattrust that included the care of the treasury and riches of the church and thedistribution of alms among the poor.

A well-known legend has persisted from earliest times around the martyrdom of Saint LawrenceAs deacon in Rome, Lawrence was charged with the responsibility for thematerial goods of the Church, and the distribution of alms to the poor.

St. Ambrose of Milan relates that when St. Lawrence was asked for thetreasures of the Church he brought forward the poor, among whom he haddivided the treasure as alms.

Behold in these poor persons the treasures which I promised to show you; to which I will add pearls and precious stones, those widows and consecrated virgins, which are the church’s crown.”