2 reasons why you should go to Monza: Part 2

1) Take a talk in wonderful Park of Monza


Whether you are a nature lover or not, Park of Monza is one of those places you must visit while in town.

Wondering why? First and foremost it is the fourth largest walled park you can find in Italy, second, it is the historic Monza’s green space, commissioned by Napoleon’s stepson Eugène de Bauharnais and dating back to the 1808.




2) Read Theodolinda’s story life at Monza cathedral


Also known as the Basilica of San Giovanni Battista, Monza’s Cathedral was allegedly commissioned around the seventh century by Theodolinda, the Lombard Queen of Italy, to serve as a royal chapel for the nearby palace.

Legend has that she made a vow to build a church dedicated to the saint, in the place where a dove allegedly told her Modo to which she answered Etiam.

Once here don’t miss out on admiring the recently restored Chapel of Theodolinda, boasting fifteenth century breathtaking frescoes representing some stories from the queen’s life made by the Zavattari Some of the most famous scenes are those depicting Theodolinda’s marriage proposal and her meeting with the first husband Authari.