15 Essential Apps you need when 
traveling in Italy

Google Maps, Yelp and Tripadvisor, done! Now how about the other apps that are going to make your trip to Italy that little bit easier? And how about one or two that will help you get to know la Bella Italia like a local? Here are 15 essential apps to help you get the best whilst traveling in Italy.

The scenario’s familiar isn’t it? You’re on holiday and looking for somewhere to eat. You see a place packed full of locals. You managed to indicate you want a table. You can’t communicate effectively with the waiter and you’re not able to impress yourself or those that you are with. Or how about when you’re in a big city for a day but you’re not sure how to get the best from it and end up wasting time in a queue for a forgettable tourist sight? Yes, we’ve all been there.

We at Swide don’t want our readers falling into the same travel traps during your stay in Italy and so we’ve collated a selection of the 15 best applications available that will assist you and your Italian Itinerary.


Apps for All of Italy

Best 15 apps for Italy Travel

Here you’ll find your one-stop-shops for everything Italy; from personalised maps, suggestions by locals, tips from other travellers and you can select from city-specific mini guides.


Perfect for both experienced and first time travellers, Triposo is an ‘everything under one roof’ kind of app. With over 6 million users, Triposo has steadily built a reputation as THE application for those looking to discover that extra something special. For Italy, it’s packed with mini-guides that delve further into more than just places to visit, opening up traditions, once in a life time road trips and more.

Italy Travel Tips and Hints

Sutro Media’s nifty little app helps you book the must see museums and sites, how to get from A to B via train or car, and even comes with a handy little language guide to make sure you’re always prepared to order your espresso the Italian way. Though admitting it’s not to be used as a travel guide, that hasn’t stopped Sutro Media from breaking things down and suggesting how to romance or how to keep the kids happy. Nice.

Explore regions with Italia travel board

In preparation for the tourism that Milan Expo 2015, the Italian Travel Board went ahead and curated a selection of apps separated by region, from the northeast region of Trentino right down to Calabria, and the isle of Sicilia. Yes, my mind was blown too when I stumbled across this list. You can thank me later.


Art and events

Best 15 apps for Italy Travel

If you’re looking for an app that cuts right to the chance and suggests the way to do all things art in Italia, then get these downloaded.

Explore the Uffizi with confidence.

Created by an art historian, with this app for the Uffizi gallery in Florence you’ll not only learn the name, title, date and author of the work but also why the piece is important in art history.


Prepare to panic. Not because this app will leave you confused but because this app contains a over 500 museums and national archeological areas. Also, iMiBACT have thematic itineraries ready for you to use, and will keep you in the know with current top exhibitions in progress.

EXPO 2015

The title says it all. After all, it is the year of the MILAN EXPO 2015. Basically, the only app you’ll need when you’re visiting the fair this year.


Crash course in the language

Best 15 apps for Italy Travel

Worried about making a fool of yourself when confronted with the need to ask for basics when on the move? Well, worry not readers, here are a dashing of apps to make sure you’re covered.


Stored with 800 essential words and phrases for foreign travels, and with 500 audio translations by native speakers, Lingolook is perfect for on the spot translation or for study whilst moving from A to B. To make sure you access the phrases you need at a click, the tailored favourites button will be your best friend.

World Nomads

Spanning more than just the Italian language, this app by World Nomads comes stacked with all the useful, words and phrases needed but what we like about this app the most is its conversational language lessons.

Fiat Italian Phrasebook

Fiat have created this handy little app that doesn’t need the internet to be used, a crucial point for people visiting Italy and wanting to avoid extra charges. What makes this app even better is it’s category system, which whittles its contents down to specific needs. Asking for the secluded beach has never been easier.



Best 15 apps for Italy Travel

What would a trip to Italy be without eating the world famous italian cuisine in all its shapes, sizes and servings? These apps will help you get the best from the millions of menus.

Italian Menu Decoder

Does exactly what it says in the title and makes decoding the Italian menu a breeze, meaning you’ll be ordering the best the restaurant has to offer, including the local delicacies that can’t be missed.

Zomato- Rome and Milan

Catering for Milan and Rome, Zomato is similar to Yelp but much more in-depth and only used by locals, a tip worth remembering. The website is just as helpful as the applications and you’ll be eating the best each city has on offer in no time.

Eat Italy by Elizabeth Minchilli

What’s better than an app curated by someone who’s been working on Italy’s food scene and reporting for newspapers and magazines for years? Thanks to the wonderful Elizabeth Minchilli, you’’ avoid the tourist traps, learn about the local dishes and discover the bakeries, wine bars, food stores and more that Italy is famous. Using location, you’ll bee mingling with the locals and foodies and eating the good stuff.

Chianti Food and Wine

Fancy exploring Chianti? Then you’ll need this on your phone. From tiny villages to tourists hotspots, and from vineyards to olive groves, discover the best that Chianti has to offer with a couple of swipes.


Train travel

Best 15 apps for Italy Travel

While many global map apps now cater for travel of all kinds, it’s worth downloading a country specific app to make sure you don’t get wires crossed and miss out on your connections. For train travellers, get your eyes onProntoTrain, click here. If taking the train isn’t your thing and you want to hitch a ride (safely) with others than I suggest you check out BlaBlaCar, the world’s long distance car-sharing scheme, and see who is driving where in an Italian town near you.



With an abundance of websites catering for your hotel needs, Swide thinks it’s better that you are in the know about the accommodation options that are going to make sure that you get the heart of Italian lifestyle and culture.


Wow. Premiaweb have converted the Agriturismo website into a wonderful little app to help travellers find the best farmhouses in Italy. Helping you arrange last minute stays, you’ll also benefit from discounts, and discover the real Italy, its nature and the true tastes.

 Source: Swide, by: Ben Taylor