The Pinacoteca Di Brera

The Pinacoteca di Brera, or Brera Art Gallery, is one of the most important museums in Milan, if not Europe. Located in the beautiful Palazzo Brera, it was created along with the Accademia di Belle Arti, or Academy of Fine Arts, in 1776 to serve as a font of information for the students studying at […]


Italian Pastries and Cakes

Brioche or Cornetto A type of pastry, the brioche (or cornetto, depending on where you live in Italy) is exclusively eaten for breakfast, usually accompanied by a coffee or cappuccino that you can dip it into. The dough has more sugar than a French brioche or croissant and a more cake-like texture. Tiramisù   It […]


Michelangelo and his terrible fashion sense

Though he grew to be a rich man, the interesting fact about michelangelo was that he lived in near squalor and rarely changed his clothes or even bathed. Also he was harsh on himself and his work. In one of his many letters about his work on the Sistine Chapel he famously wrote, “I am not […]


Italy and the wonderful spring

It is know the Italian food is seasonal: Certain types of produce grow at only certain times of year, and restaurants that respect the seasons, and the local food culture, will only serve those ingredients then. On the cultural side, the Dali exhibit, on in Rome this spring Museums in Italy tend to have two […]


A Grand Apartment for a Grand Lady

This Casa di Livia, is the arches got taller, the ceilings higher and the floors noticeably more marble-covered. She wasn’t his first wife (or second) but she was the only one he loved deeply and uncompromisingly. After stealing her and her son Tiberius away from her husband, he built her the rooms we visit today; […]