isola-bella-stresa de la otra ruta

Isolla Bella the spectacular garden island

At Lake Maggiore in the southern Gulf of Verbania, near the limit of Piedmont and opposite the town of Stresa is located the spectacular garden park consists of ten overlapping terraces that reach over ten meters high. Isolla Bella belongs to the Borromean Islands archipelago consists of the isolla Mother,  Isola dei Pescatori or Isola […]

gruta Netuno de canarias

Neptune’s Grotto

In Sardinia near the cliff northeast of Cape Caccia, is found a wonderful island full of grottoes and caves of this style. A fisherman discovered in the eighteenth century Neptune’s Grotto hiding place the second largest inland lake in Europe. Erosion through the years has built up one of those miracles of nature, which gives […]

1Focaccia de Quadrata

Foccacia the beauty of simplicity

The Foccacia is an exquisite and recipe and  only need  5 ingredients, water, flour , yeast, salt , olive oil, that are then converted into a piece of aromatic and tasty bread cooked on the fire.Its origin is associated with the Italian gastronomy, but there are versions that link with the early Etruscans and Greeks. […]


2 reasons why you should go to Monza: Part 2

1) Take a talk in wonderful Park of Monza Whether you are a nature lover or not, Park of Monza is one of those places you must visit while in town. Wondering why? First and foremost it is the fourth largest walled park you can find in Italy, second, it is the historic Monza’s green […]


2 reasons why you should go to Monza

1) Be wowed by visiting Villa Reale recently come back to its original splendor  Surrounded by the wonderful Monza Park, Villa Reale, must be the starting point of your tour around the city. In 1861, with the new Kingdom of Italy just established, the palace became the residence of the Royal Family of Savoy. The villa […]