Make the best toast

By the arrival of any celebration is also time to toast for that. However giving a speech toast can be difficult either because of shyness or not knowing exactly what to say to be suitable for the occasion. It is for this reason that La Piccola Fonatana will give you some tips to make the […]

olive oil on wooden table

Olive oil protects against cancer

Olive oil is widely used in gourmet food particularly in the Italian cuisine due to its health benefits and delicious taste in food. Now, this is not the only advantage of consuming olive oil. In a study published in JAMA Internal Medicine it was determined that olive oil protects against breast cancer. The consumption of […]


Italian desserts to seduce the mouth

Italian gastronomy is internationally known for dishes such as pasta, caprese salad, lasagna or carpaccio itself, all the flavors that make the best of Mediterranean diets. However many Italian desserts that have traveled the world falling palates of its guests in every bite. Recipes such as cannoli, gelato and Italian panna cotta, make the people […]


How to Pair Pasta and Wine

Those who know the best of Italian gastronomy know that wine and pasta are inseparable. Either white or red, there is a wine for each pulp and their respective sauce so it is imperative for all Italian food expert know what flavors are completed in the perfect dinner. Want to know which wines go with […]


What is the jubilee year?

A year of Jubilee is a special period of celebration, thanksgiving or redemption held by the Catholic Church. Another common question is: how often is the year of Jubilee? A Year of Jubilee usually occurs every 25 years or so, though there are “Extraordinary” jubilee years called sooner than the normal 25-year period. The jubilee […]


Italian gifts for your beloved ones!

Its that time of the year that we share love with other specially with our loved ones. That time when the hapiness is noticeable¬†for everyone; we share food too! But maybe that is not enought for a special gift. After all… It’s almost Christmas. There are so many type of gifts for a friend that […]