The Top 3 Health Benefits of Italian Food

The Top 3 Health Benefits of Italian Food

When a person speaks about one of the best gastronomies in the world, the Italian is the prefer one. Not only because it’s full of delicious flavors and insuperable combinations of ingredients, this food it is highly profitable for those who consume it. From benefiting your cardiac health, to having a lot of power like antioxidant. […]

San Juan

A full fashionable night on San Juan

You cannot lost this Thursday, the 14th of April, one of the best fashionable events in San Juan. El San Juan Resort, will offer to their special guests a spectacular week full of entertainment, with awesome DJ’s music, but at the same time, all the presents will be able to enjoy the grand one ‘blue kick off […]


5 table manners tips

1. Before taking the cutlery or the glasses, your hands always must be clean. This also during the food. Try to be very careful in the moment to eat and not dirty the edge of your plate. 2. When you want to drink,  swallows the morsel that in this moment you are consuming, immediately afterwards with […]


Our homemade Grazes with Ossobuco Ragu

Are you searching the best of the Italian gastronomy? Then it is a moment to take a visit at La Piccola Fontana, to enjoy of our delicious homemade Grazes with Ossobuco Ragu, a saucer with the best ingredients and the preparation of major quality for the delight of your palate, as well as that of your guests. In La Piccola […]


The Focaccia: the best of the Italian flavor

The Italian gastronomy is recognized internationally for been healthy and by it’s delicious flavors. Among one of their principal meals there is the focaccia, a species of flat bread covered with grasses and other food products, which undoubtedly any saucer of Italy complements to the perfection. The focaccia is a traditional plate of the Italian cuisine […]


Avoid these mistakes at the moment of eating

To enjoy an excellent food in an impeccable restaurant as La Piccola Fontana, not only earns the credit to receive the best attention of the personnel and saucers of high quality, but also to avoid common mistakes at the moment of eating that they can spoil your eating time. For this motive,  we will mention the principal […]