Piazza del Campidoglio volume I

On top of Capitoline Hill is the first modern designed square in Rome, the story goes that it was built after the visit to Rome of Emperor Charles I in 1536. Pope Paul III Farnese, embarrassed by the appearance of the hill Miguel Angel asked to design a new square, according to the majesty of […]


Zombies arrive in Italy

To promote Ceres Halloween Invasion party to be held in the city of Palermo, the youtubers specialized in horror DM Pranks jokes , very recognized by the video of the murderer clown, made ​​a video in which a horde of zombies coming to Italy. It is expected that the entire boot-shaped country is the victim […]

Italy recovers the wine throne

Italy regained the throne as the country that produces wine in the world with 48.9 million hectoliters, surpassing France (47.4 million) and Spain (36.6 million).  According to official figures issued by the International Organisation of Wine (OIV). As recently questioned the World Health Organization (WHO ) advises moderate consumption , indicating that intake should not […]

Circus Maximus a place to compete

King Tarquinius Priscus, fifth under the mandate of ancient Rome built the Circus Maximus, a stadium made ​​to compete in races. Located between the valley of the Aventine and Palantino mountains. In Roman civilization it was not the biggest circus with its 621 meters long and 118 meters wide. It had a capacity of 300,000 […]

The treasure Alarico hunt begins

Italy through a select group of archaeologists has begun the search for the missing treasure famous Alaric the Visigoth king. Legend has it that Alaric got this treasure after sacking Rome in 410. According to the legend Alaric was buried with treasure located somewhere between the junction of two rivers in the town of Cosenza, […]

Grotta dello Smeraldo

The Amalfi Coast in Italy hiding place of those that makes the eyes shine , a sea cave located exactly in the bay of Conca dei Marini. The name comes from the color of the water reflecting the light filtering through the rocks, creating a dramatic effect on the way the colors change depending on […]